The Role of Group-Based Status in Job Satisfaction: Workplace Respect Matters More for the Stigmatized

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Respectful treatment may be more consequential for members of stigmatized groups because they are often excluded from society. The present study examined the consequences of respectful treatment in the workplace on job satisfaction for members of stigmatized groups. Among a nationally representative sample of American adults, members of stigmatized groups showed a stronger relationship between respectful treatment and job satisfaction compared to their non-stigmatized counterparts. However, they did not show a stronger relationship between their pay and job satisfaction. The results point to the special importance of respect for members of stigmatized group as a means of reassuring their belonging and value in society.

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JournalSocial Justice Research
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Publication statusPublished - Sep 1 2011



  • Interactional justice
  • Job satisfaction
  • Respect
  • Stigma compensation
  • Workplace

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