The autism of reason

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Instead of a "meditation on first philosophy; (Descartes) or a "return to first principles; (Kant), Laruelle's work is presented here as a kind of "meditation on last philosophy; in which the normal structuring conditions of philosophical knowledge are withheld. By superimposing non-philosophy on Kant's two-by-two matrix of a priori/a posteriori and analytic/synthetic, we see a relative enlargement of analytic a priori statements, those itemized by Kant but ultimately deemphasized by him as "merely; analytic. An analytic statement such as n=n is recast by Laruelle not as a marginally useful tautology but as the identity axiom, the most central axiom in non-philosophy. Likewise, the domain of the a priori is enlarged in Laruelle to encompass the entire universe. What this produces, for Laruelle and non-philosophy, is an "autistic; rationality, in which normal communicative relations are marginalized in favor of a unidirectional identity with the One.

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