Measurement of the absolute inclusive leptonic-decay branching fraction of the Ds+ meson

Z. Bai, G. T. Blaylock, T. Bolton, J. C. Brient, T. Browder, J. S. Brown, K. O. Bunnell, M. Burchell, T. H. Burnett, R. E. Cassell, D. Coffman, V. Cook, D. H. Coward, F. Dejongh, D. E. Dorfan, J. Drinkard, G. P. Dubois, G. Eigen, K. F. Einsweiler, B. I. EisensteinT. Freese, C. Gatto, G. Gladding, C. Grab, J. Hauser, C. A. Heusch, D. G. Hitlin, J. M. Izen, P. C. Kim, J. Labs, A. Li, W. S. Lockman, U. Mallik, C. G. Matthews, A. I. Mincer, R. Mir, P. M. Mockett, R. F. Mozley, B. Nemati, A. Odian, L. Parrish, R. Partridge, D. Pitman, S. A. Plaetzer, J. D. Richman, H. F.W. Sadrozinski, M. Scarlatella, T. L. Schalk, R. H. Schindler, A. Seiden, C. Simopoulos, I. E. Stockdale, W. Toki, B. Tripsas, F. Villa, M. Z. Wang, S. Wasserbaech, A. Wattenberg, A. J. Weinstein, S. Weseler, H. J. Willutzki, D. Wisinski, W. J. Wisniewski, R. Xu, Y. Zhu

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    We have searched for the inclusive reaction using a tagged sample of 68 D produced in the reaction e+e-*at a center-of-mass energy of 4.14 GeV. The tagged sample consists of the decays Ds+ Ds+K» *0K+, and Ds+K» K+. We determine B(Ds+e+X)=0.05-0.05+0.05±0.02, which corresponds to a limit of B(Ds+e+X)<0.20, at the 90% confidence level.

    Original languageEnglish (US)
    Pages (from-to)686-689
    Number of pages4
    JournalPhysical Review Letters
    Issue number6
    StatePublished - Jan 1 1990


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    Bai, Z., Blaylock, G. T., Bolton, T., Brient, J. C., Browder, T., Brown, J. S., Bunnell, K. O., Burchell, M., Burnett, T. H., Cassell, R. E., Coffman, D., Cook, V., Coward, D. H., Dejongh, F., Dorfan, D. E., Drinkard, J., Dubois, G. P., Eigen, G., Einsweiler, K. F., ... Zhu, Y. (1990). Measurement of the absolute inclusive leptonic-decay branching fraction of the Ds+ meson. Physical Review Letters, 65(6), 686-689.