Genetic differentiation among populations of the cave fish Schistura oedipus (Cypriniformes: Balitoridae)

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DNA sequences were determined for portions of the mitochondrial control region and 16S rRNA genes in five populations of Schistura oedipus, a troglobitic fish from northwestern Thailand. Based on variation at seven sites out of 593 sequenced, the five populations fall into three groups, apparently isolated by altitude and distance. Nucleotide diversity within groups is on the order of 1.0 × 10-3 while the extra increment of diversity among groups is on the order of 5.0 × 10-3. While the groups are distinct, the level of differentiation among them is low enough to accept provisionally that the five populations represent a single species. On the basis of 16S sequence, Schistura oedipus appears to be more closely related to S. poculi than to S. reidi, a proposed sister taxon.

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JournalEnvironmental Biology of Fishes
Issue number1-3
Publication statusPublished - 2001



  • mtDNA
  • Thailand
  • Troglobitic fish

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