Effect of supersaturation on hillock of directional Growth of KDP crystals

Fa Fu Liu, Guang Wei Yu, Li Song Zhang, Liang Li, Bo Wang, Xiao Yu Gan, Hong Kai Ren, Hai Liang Zhou, Li Li Zhu, Shao Hua Ji, Ming Xia Xu, Bao An Liu, Xin Guang Xu, Qing Tian Gu, Xun Sun

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KDP single crystals were grown in aqueous solution by using "point seeds" with a defined crystallographic direction of 596 to the Z axis. When hillock slopes on the (100) face of KDP crystals were measured within the supersaturation (σ) range of 0 < σ ≤ 0.06, the slope of hillocks with hollow cores depended nonlinearly on supersaturation. Belows σ = 0.02, the hillock slope depended on supersaturation, but whenswas σ ≥ 0.02, the hillock slope increased more gradually and was less dependent on supersaturation. Hollow funnel-shaped growth dislocation on the (100) face of KDP crystals was observed at σ = 0.04, characterized by large holes with micro-steps and step bunching inside, the formation of which were analyzed. The result verified that the reversed growth appears to occur within hollow channels found on growth hillocks.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number6886
JournalScientific reports
StatePublished - Nov 3 2014


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Liu, F. F., Yu, G. W., Zhang, L. S., Li, L., Wang, B., Gan, X. Y., Ren, H. K., Zhou, H. L., Zhu, L. L., Ji, S. H., Xu, M. X., Liu, B. A., Xu, X. G., Gu, Q. T., & Sun, X. (2014). Effect of supersaturation on hillock of directional Growth of KDP crystals. Scientific reports, 4, [6886]. https://doi.org/10.1038/srep06886